• Triabath installers use the best toilets & sinks in Kennewick, WA.

    Don't flush away time and money, call Triabath for your toilet and sink upgrades or replacements.

    Toilet repair install and selection all at Triabath Remodelers in the TriCities WA


    Let's face it, the toilet is one of those vital home fixtures that most people don't talk about too much. Lucky for your contractors are familiar with the lingo and can help with all of your questions. Multi flow toilets, urinals, heavy flush options, no touch sensors, color, comfort, placement and price should all be considered when choosing a new "throne" for your freshly updated bathroom provided by the skilled installers at Triabath. Our remodelers and contractors can get your new toilet installed so that you can do your business with confidence, even if you'd rather not talk too much about it. 

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    We groom, we shave, we brush our teeth, we wash our hands, and on top of all of the common ways we use a sink we find unique uses as well...dog bath? Our sinks work hard and it may be time to give yours an update. If so, call Triabath Bathroom Remodeling experts. We can provide homeowners considering a bathroom remodel with an array of options when it comes to bathroom sink choices. Call today.