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    Showers and Fixtures in Kennewick, WA.

    The best bathroom remodelers in the TriCities WA.


    Showers are under appreciated in the modern era. Most of us either start or end our days with a shower (often we do both.) In the mornings there are few things to get us up and going quicker than a stress free shower. In the evenings a hot shower can be just the thing we need to relax after a long day. When you call the bathroom remodelers and contractors at Triabath Bathroom Remodelers your installers understand how important a good no hassle shower can be. You can shower with the peace of mind that the materials behind the shower (the ones susceptible to water damage) will be protected by the quality bathroom remodel provide by Triabath. Your shower will be installed with care and upon completion your bathroom may become your favorite room in the house. 

    Quality bathroom fixtures in Kennewick WA available through Triabath, the TriCities best bathroom remodelers.


    Bathroom and shower fixtures and faucets are more than a way to get water where we need it. These days the selections available to the homeowner planning a remodel with Triabath are enormous. If you'd like, our designers and installers can help you pick a shower heads and sink fixtures that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Or, perhaps simple is more your style when it comes to fixtures? We can help with that too. Shower heads, rain fixtures, multifunction fixtures, faucets, and more are all available to add your flair to your newly remodeled bathroom.