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    The bathroom renovators at Triabath have years of experience remodeling bathrooms here in the TriCities, WA. Our contractors can help with any bathroom remodel you can dream up. If you're not the creative type our renovators can help find the bathroom design you'd like in a manner that is quick and will fit your budget. Top quality products and designs will have you relaxing in your fully renovated or newly updated bathroom in no time. We offer a plethora of quality products for your new bathroom. We use trusted materials with proven track records as we refresh, renew or provide a full bathroom remodel for your space. Versatile tile options, top rated toilets, sinks and basins, facets and fixtures, wall treatments, tub and wall overlays, drywall repair and finish, walk-ins tubs, vinyl flooring, and more are all available at your Kennewick home or business when you call for a free quote. (509) 628-4651

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    Take the time to explore the many services available at Triabath located in Kennewick WA. Our bathroom remodeling experts can serve your bathroom renovation needs no matter the size of your project. So, wether you are a commercial business that needs a bathroom built from the ground up or a homeowner that isn't interested in DIY projects the bathroom remodel specialist at Triabath can help. We provide showers and surrounds in various styles, we offer full bathroom remodel with entirely new materials and quality products, alternatively, we often install quick quality acrylic overlays to freshen up your tub or shower. Vanities, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, tile and grout, caulking, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, basic repair and more. Call (509) 628-4651 for a free quote.

    Bathroom remodelers near me...

    The TriCities are unique, our rolling hills, clear skies, and high desert tumbleweeds bring both a unity and a uniqueness to the Columbia Basin. With Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco so close to one another locals can enjoy the connectedness between our fine cities. But, in the TriCities unity doesn't mean uniformity. We may be tied together in community but our individual spirits can get to soaring in part because of the unique options available to us in Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco. Wine tasting, water sports, Historic Downtown Kennewick, Viera's Bakery, the Benton Co Fair and Rodeo, the boat races, lunch at Just Joel's, or a hike up Badger Mt. all remind us that while we are the same, we are uniques at the same time. At Triabath we know that bathroom remodels are often the same in that every bathroom remodel we do has similarities even while they are unique. When it comes to being multifaceted and fresh the TriCites WA serves it's residents well. At Triabath we strive to always do the same for our customers. When it comes to bathroom remodeling unity is important, nearly all bathroom remodels include similar and necessary elements but Triabath can incorporate those elements while providing you with a bathroom remodel that will stand apart. Our installers and contractors are local which means they have that same individualism within connectedness that's so prominent in Kennewick WA.and across the Pacific NorthWest. It may annoy our installers as much as it does you but our contractors know the difference between Columbia Center Blvd and Columbia drive. They know how to get to your home, they know where to get what they need in town, they know wether to use the Blue Bridge or the Cable Bridge when crossing the Columbia river. Fun Fact: The Columbia River is the 2nd largest river in the US (just after the mighty Mississippi.) Our river may come in second place but the contractors provided by Triabath will put you first as they design, renovate, and put the Triabath touch on your bathroom remodel project in Benton or Franklin counties.